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Cannadelics Microdose Gummies | White Gummy

Cannadelics Microdose Gummies | White Gummy

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Purple Dosage Chart

Directions: Plan your move. Take Purple 30-60 minutes ahead of activity. Stay hydrated!

Set your routine. We suggest 5 days on and 2 days off and we recommend no more than 6 gummies in a 12 hour period.

How much should I start with?1 Dose = 1 Gummy

Desired Intensity


Happy go lucky
Beginners paradise
Mind-bending experience
Trance Vibes

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Canndelics gummies are infused with a dash of THC-V. This would result in a failed drug test. It depends on how frequently you use THCv products whether you pass or fail a drug test. If you regularly use THCV products, you run a higher risk of failing a drug test. However, your likelihood of failing a drug test will be lower if you just consume Cannadelics once each week. Check out our Enhanced Microdose Gummies without worrying about your drug test!

Our suggested serving is 3 gummies. It all depends on the person’s metabolism and tolerance to the gummies.

Each gummy contains 10mg of THC.

These are a mixture of our Purple Mushroom Blend Gummies and with added CBD, and THC to give you a nice mix of relaxation and mellowness.

  1. Focus & Energy-

Slip into a flow state with ease. Cannadelic will help you get in the zone and stay there, melting away distractions and leaving you absorbed in the task at hand.

Yes, Our Gummies are lab-tested and you can view those results on our website at

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Christopher T

Thank you for making my day ……again!